Work out returns for your golf outright bets using our betting calculator. Designed especially to calculate returns for outrights on place dead-heats, you can also check returns for each-way doubles, accumulators and popular permutation bets [screen widths >980px] for golf and other fixed-odds sports bets. See below on how to use the calculator and more on place dead-heats.

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 How to use the Golf Bet Odds Calculator

Using the Calculator -
  • Select a bet type - hover for the combination of bets (desktop only)
  • Enter a stake.
  • Choose either Each Way or Single Only.

Then for each selection enter result/odds/place terms & d/h -

  • Enter the result.  "Lost" for selections outside the places, "Non-runner" if they didn't start.
  • Odds as a fractional.
  • Place Term for the terms offered by the bookmaker.
  • D/H Place for the number of places available.
  • D/H Total for the number of selections dead heated. [D/H Place & D/H Total enabled when "Placed" in Results and Each Way selected]

Then press the Calculate button  -

  • "Total Stake" is the total investement according to your bet type and stake.
  • "Returns" are divided between "Win", "Place" and "Total".  These all include the stake.


Place Dead Heats in Golf

 Bookmakers only pay the advertised number of places for an Each Way bet, so if there are more players in the places, stakes are divided accordingly.  The players above a dead-heat (if there is one) will place return to the normal stake. 

For example the 2013 Deutsche Bank Champs final result (1/4 odds, 5 places) -

Pos. To Par Player Places
1st -22 Henrik Stenson 1
2nd -20 Steve Stricker 2
3rd -18 Graham DeLaet 3
4th -17 Jordan Spieth 4
= -17 Matt Kuchar 5
= -17 Kevin Stadler
= -17 Sergio Garcia

 Stenson, Stricker & DeLaet pay to the normal Each Way place return.  Spieth, Kuchar, Stadler and Garcia share the remaining two places.  So the place part of the Each Way bet is the two places divided by the four tied players or 1/2 the stake. (On the calculator this would be D/H Place = 2, D/H Total = 4)

 For example a £10 Each Way bet on Kuchar at odds of 28/1.  The Stake is halved, so becomes a £5 place bet at place odds of 28/4.  Giving a return of £40.

 More about the place deat heat rule on this blog post...

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